Books for Little Ones

Curated by Eze Yoffi 

We've personally reviwed each and every book on this list to make sure it meets Eze Yoffi Standards (read more about them here). Our book recommecondatiosn are intended to highlight and represent the beauty within every child. ​Some of the books were intentionally written for a Jewish audience. Others have Torah values embedded throughout. Let us know which were your child's favorites!

We are Amazon Affiliates. That means we receive a small percentage of the profit made from books purchased through our site. This helps our team of volunteers keep things like our website up and running. We are deeply appreciative of your support in helping us create and share multicultural Jewish media. 

Books for Babies &Toddlers
Baby Boy

Ages 0-2

Books for Little Kids
Kids in Preschool

Ages 3-5

Books for Big Kids
Playing in a Tunnel

Ages 6-8

Books for Really Big Kids
Girl in Classroom

Ages 9-12

Books for Teens

Ages 12-17

Books for Grownups

Ages 9-12